Perspectiva: Contemporary Cuban Art

July 12th – August 31th, 2014 Front flyer 1For the months of July and August, Blackball Universe proudly presents Perspectiva: Contemporary Cuban Art.

Perspectiva: Contemporary Cuban Art is a group show consisting of young contemporary Cuban artists. While the artists come from and reflect the somewhat hermetic and unique social reality that is Cuba, their works transform their localized experiences to reflect the fundamental questions of the universal human experience. Within the different aesthetics each artist presents, a common nexus can be found: works that express doubt and uncertainty, that question preconceived notions, that question what we culturally understand as good, bad, relevant or non-relevant. The artists use a variety of mediums: video, video installation, book art, and sculpture to ask the viewers to linger longer, take a look beneath the surface, gain a new perspective.

Jenny Brito (Havana, 1980) Jenny Brito works in the diverse fields of paint, photography, installation, media and new media. Jenny gravitates to exploring paradox, simulation, and deception of familiar objects. She has exhibited widely in Cuba and abroad and is a part of private collections worldwide.

Kevin Beovides Casas (Havana) Kevin Beovides Casas is an artist, author, and professor. He  graduated from the University of Havana with a Bachelor in Philosophy and a Masters in Art History. He has taught as a professor of art and aesthetics at the Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana. Kevin’s main areas of focus include software art, computer programming, video installation, and multi-media “cyber literature.” Kevin currently lives and works in Miami.

Nelson Enriquez (Havana, 1980) Nelson E. Enríquez is a multidisciplinary artist primarily focused in painting, photography, video art, and video installation. Born in Havana, Cuba, Nelson´s work is both social and biographical, exploring themes of immigration, travel, frontiers, consumerism and material scarcity both on and off the island of Cuba. Nelson currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and Cuba, and is the lead curator at Blackball Universe.

Amilkar Feria (Havana, 1967) Amilkar Feria is a multidsiciplinary artist and professor at the Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana. With his video art he investigates site specific relationships between ideology, society and economy, and the relationships of these elements for a sustainable human future. He lives and works in Havana.

Yerandee Gonzalez (Havana, 1973) Yerandee is a painter and book artist. He is a member of the National Union of Artists and Writers in Havana. With his book art, Yerandee pays homage to the historic traditions of bookbinding and literature while also incorporating a referential viewpoint to his own lived experiences. Yerandee lives and works in Havana.

Renier Nande (Havana, 1979) Renier Nande is a graduate of the Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana, Cuba. He has exhibited widely in Cuba and abroad. As a multidisciplinary artist he works in the fields of painting, video art, and video installation. His works explore that which we cannot know with certainty, that causes doubt and from which we cannot draw easy conclusions. Renier lives and works in Havana.

Grethell Rasua (Havana) Grethell is a graduate of the Instituto Superior de Arte and teaches at the San Alejandro Institute of Fine Art in Havana. Her work reformulates judgments about aesthetic, ethic and economic values; what we culturally understand as good or bad, what’s right or wrong, the way we perceive the beauty or ugliness in things. She uses several expressive mediums: photography, video, environmental and site specific performance, drawings, and installation.