In July 2013, BBU Gallery brought three talented artists from Cal State East Bay to our offices for Perennial Tears.

Laura Cline draws inspiration from the unique perspective of following her father, a veterinarian, around the clinic learning about a variety of small and exotic animals. Throughout her experiences with her father she learned about the fragility of life, believing that it takes great strength to have affection for such ephemeral things. Cline uses mylar, a durable polyester surface along with oil paints to create her pieces. And although mylar is deemed as durable, it is vulnerable to rips and stains and is therefore reminiscent of her time with her father at the clinic.

Enrique Tabares revisits the turmoil of his past in his work, as a child who was forced to leave his parents’ home after they developed schizophrenia and an addiction to drugs. Tabares’ imagination provided him an immediate escape and a way to construct his own belief system. His work and creative process incorporates fragments of his childhood experiences and the ongoing evolution of that belief system. Tabares uses oils and acyrilics on canvas to reflect his adult self communicating with and even healing that child he once was.

Christopher Lem has been pursuing drawing since the time he was a young child. As an adolescent he tried music and writing and during college he jumped from the practice of the literary world back to drawing. Lem focuses on technique and precision, working mainly with pen, ink and watercolor for many of his pictures. Lem prefers working in black and white because he believes they yield a beauty more haunting as oppose to the instant gratification of vivid colors.

Artists’ Reception was held on the 3rd Friday, July 19th at 7pm.