Smoky’s Boutique

A Menagerie of Insanity
April 5th – May 31st, 2014
For the months of April and May, Blackball Universe proudly presented Smoky’s Boutique.

We wanted to explode your inner consciousness. On the one hand riots of color and the other sparseness. What is abundance and what is lack? In a cluttered world we strive to collect but can we ever really own anything? Where our bodies end and technology meets us, we shudder at the prospect that machines will inhabit our brains and destroy us. Who can claim “sanity” in a hostile world? As government and economic systems operate against logic and against sense, we the citizens feel our minds tremble and are condemned as “insane.”

These six artists, all in their twenties, navigate a world of expanding technological selfhood and shifting consciousness. Some works are chilly; others hot. If my self-expression is quiet is my unconscious shouting? With chirping machines at my elbow, am I ever really quiet? We asked ourselves: Do we rebel through stillness or through screaming?

Gallery was open all month. Closing reception was on Friday, May 16th. Reclaim yourself within insanity, and make the choice: Will you calm your mind or explode your senses to get there?

Brooke Burrowes was born in Santa Cruz, CA. She now lives and works in Oakland, CA and is graduating from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Printmaking.

Grace Lannon graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in printmaking in 2012, she now lives and works in Oakland. Currently an intern at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley her exploration of printmaking continues alongside investigating multitudes of other mediums.

Kate Klingbeil’s work explores the spaces between printmaking and animation. Through multiples, she plays with the varied possibilities of movement in an otherwise static image. By creating varied editions of color lithographs from stone, Kate is able to use each print as a frame in a longer, animated sequence. Each print is made with animation in mind. Kate is originally from Milwaukee, WI and is a graduate from CCA in Oakland with a BFA in printmaking (2012). She currently produces prints at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley.

Anna McNeary has split creative personalities. The one in this show is a nostalgic introvert who pores over texture and sheen on paper. These prints tell stories about naturalism, femininity, and the ever-evolving relationship with self. They were born at Oakland’s Compound Studios.

Nasimeh Bahrayni is a writer, performer, visual artist, and human based in the Bay Area. Her work is multi-disciplinary and explores the beautiful, bizarre, awesome, uncomfortable truths of the human experience. She received a B.A. in writing from Guilford College in 2009, and has spent the years since doing a wide variety of wacky things.