Landscape Transform
November 2nd – December 29th, 2013
In November 2013, Blackball Universe hosted URBAN OUTSKIRTS, an exhibition exploring the vibrancy and dislocation of urban landscapes. The show featured the works of artists Seren Moran, Lorna Strotz, and Lauren Scherf-Srivastavav. Each artist uniquely explored the beauty, emotion, and opinions of our surrounding environment; questioning our utilization of space. The exhibit opened November 2nd and ran until December 29th. On November 15th, we hosted an artist reception party, where visitors had the chance to casually meet the featured artists while enjoying free drinks, music, and hors d’oeuvres.

Seren Moran is from Berkeley, California. After graduating from San Diego State University, Moran ventured to Brazil, aiming to capture the country’s vibrant culture in her art. Much of her painting focuses on the architecture in the Brazilian city of Indaiatuba. Layering colorful shapes and textures, Moran reflects the city’s vivacious spirit in her paintings of its urban landscapes.

Lorna Strotz works primarily with watercolors and encaustics. Her work has been juried in local and national exhibitions, garnering awards from the Eastbay Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition and Blackhawk Gallery. Color is a fascination for Strotz, not just as a component of her paintings, but as the subject itself. Her abstract work uses unusual tones and arrangements to explore the emotions evoked by everyday surroundings.

Lauren Scherf-Srivastava teaches painting in the Berkeley area. For this series, Lauren drew inspiration from Indian architecture. Using strokes of bold colors combined with empty space, Scherf-Srivastava conveys the intrinsic beauty of her subjects, which range from towering palaces to humblest of shacks.