norman-maxwell-01Norm Maxwell’s “The Transmigration of Soul” was on display from December 7, 2012 until December 29, 2012.

FRI December 7, 2012: 4:30 pm – 10pm
SAT December 8, 2012: 12pm – 4pm
SAT December 15, 2012: 12pm – 4pm
SAT December 22, 2012: 12pm – 4pm
SAT December 29, 2012: 12pm – 4pm
Or by appointment.

Located at 230 Madison, Oakland CA

Internationally acclaimed artist Norm Maxwell is bringing a new soul to Oakland. For the first time, Maxwell will display his work in “the Brooklyn of the West,” at the hip new offices of record label Blackball Universe.

Norm Maxwell, also known by the street moniker “Nomzee,” began his career as a graffiti artist in 1979. After an art school education and decades of dedication, Maxwell has developed an unique, expressive style which reaches a wide audience of admirers. His hefty resume includes art direction and set design for the music videos of Madonna, Janet Jackson, John Legend and Iggy Pop (to name a few). Blending street art and classical aesthetics in a deep exploration of urban symbolism, Maxwell arrives at style self-described as “visual soul.” In “The Transmigration of Soul,” Maxwell will display works that explore themes consistent with those of Afro-Futurism.This year, Blackball Universe Music returned to Oakland, and with it came a slew of musicians and artists looking for a breath of fresh air. “The Transmigration of Soul” is the first of a new series of exhibitions the company plans to host in their Jack London warehouse offices, which have been producing and promoting music since March.